Helena & Luca // A glowing Mykonos wedding

If you are dreaming of a destination wedding to make your heart flutter then pack your suitcases and follow yours truly to the island of winds, as today’s glowing Mykonos wedding is all a girly-girl could ask for. Designed and styled by the ah-mazing team of DePlanV under the auspices of The Secret Owl, and cosseted by the most highly coveted wedding vendors the story of a young and oh so in love couple evolves in Little Venice. Replete with elegant jazzy old homes, now turned to chic cafes precariously situated on the edge of the sea, this old world charm is the perfect location for destination wedding photography.

Under the 16th-century fabled Windmills, life is incessant, much like the romance of our bride and groom. Lovers of finer things in life their style carries an air of understated glamour. A deep burgundy dandy styled tux for Luca by the talented tailor Teti Charitou perfectly matching his elegant debonair character and a Katia Delatola ethereal tulle epaulet gown for gorgeous Helena who is such a heavenly creature, quiet and graceful.

Florals in tones of crimson, peach, yellow and bisque envelop gold-hued cutlery and dainty china, colorful goblets and watercolor wedding stationery suites by the artisans of Atelier Invitations, all radiating the couple’s heyday and perfectly complemented by the charming Mykonian limestone architecture. A serious dose of pretty that had several passers-by stand and watched during our shooting. And although when I work I am too focused to ask for space, my guess is this glowing Mykonos wedding is something to be found in many holiday albums this summer, hardly unintentionally!

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