Ludovica & Gabriele // An Italian finesse wedding in Mykonos

Dear Tselina,

We have received your photos and I have to say that are really W O N D E R F U L !!!!!!
The lights, the eyes, the smiles… all the emotional and funny moments but also all the details about our perfect day are well impressed in your incredible photos.
We have to thank you from our hearts, we will keep all this memories with us for all the time.

Thank you again and again!

Ludovica and Gabriele

Ludovica and Gabriele renewed their vows in the adored island of Mykonos. Their italian finesse and natural kindness impressed not only me, but also my camera.
I truly wish that the baby they expect inherits all their virtues.
And of course, the biggest price for any photographer is to receive a message like the one above,the one they sent me after receiving their photos.

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