Anastasia-Zoe // An Acropolis Baptism

     Is receiving our names solely the act of being assigned a signature to go by? Is a name simply a word by which as entities we are distinguished from others? At the church of the sacred rock of the Acropolis a small circle of five gathers. Two generations of parents and a godmother come to baptize their beautiful child. A family so close and tender, valuing the mystery of her new pathway in life, a family not preoccupied with massive decorations and crowds of merry-wishers waiting in the churchyard. As simple and substantial as is the gift of life, with sentiments so powerful, filled with the blessings and the hopes for her future, her name gently carries the stories of ancestry, the destinies that joined… a name that beams on her mother’s lips as tenderly she lifts her in the air and calls her “koritsaki mou” (my girl) …. Anàstasi – Zoè … Resurrection – Life!

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