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Eirini // A colorful christening in Kythnos

We baptized our lovely Eirini in the wonderful island of Kythnos, at the historical church of Panagia Flampouriani. Along with us, we had the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, her kind godmothers, her two young and beautiful parents and of course, the great help of @spread_the_sparkle_events who took care of not only the mystery…

Marina // A sweet christening at Halandri

The photoshooting of sweet Marina’s christening took place at the church of “Saint Athanasios” at Halandri. The calmness of her parents’ hug and the kind approach of the priest, resulted in her only crying just a little bit the moment she came out of the baptismal font!

Asimina // Christening at Politia Tennis Club

Our juicy baby girl, Asimina, welcomed spring at the flowered Politia Tennis Club that was decorated in pink just for her! Along with her gorgeous godmother,observing everything with her clever little eyes, she was smiling full of charm to not only all the guests, but also the priest, who conducted with tenderness the baptism.

Panos and Lilian // Family photoshooting at Pylos

Regarding both the wedding ceremony and baptism that Panos and Lilian organised, we traveled to the historical Pylos and the picturesque small town of Methoni. Playing with…dolls would be a perfect title for this family destination photo-shooting as we didn’t stop playing with this cute baby girl, dressing her up, while she returned the favor…