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10 of the most frequently asked questions by couples in our meetings

  1. Are the photos and albums you show us from real work or from your personal portfolio?
    All the work I present to you comes from real couples who have trusted me. I think it is a big mistake for a professional photographer to present to his prospective clients directed works that lack of realism.
  2. In how much time after the day of our wedding will we receive samples and albums?
    You will receive the samples in about 10 days and the albums within a month after your order.
  3. Do you give all the files?
    Files are labeled as the copyrights of the photographer, but I always give you a copy (without retouche) to manage it digitally as you wish.
  4. Do you own spare equipment?
    Photographers and videographers always carry dual or spare equipment, to ensure absolute safety during the ceremony.
  5. Do you also produce videos?
    Of course, I collaborate with associates from my office, who you can arrange to meet in person, by appointment.
  6. Which is the best way to communicate?
    My experience has shown me that, the best communicate way between us is definetely a face-to-face meeting in my office, after a scheduled appointment. Of course, in cases where this is impossible due to distances, technology always helps us.
  7. Do you undertake weddings outside of Athens or outside of Greece in general?
    Yes, with great pleasure!
  8. How are your co-workers dressed?
    My colleagues and I attach great importance to our appearance, we feel and act as your official guests of honor.
  9. What is your charge? Are you expensive for an average couple?
    My prices can start from a low-range plan, but the total cost has to do with your choice. You must not forget though that your photos and albums are an investment for your family and may be your only sure memory of those special moments!
  10. How can we be sure that we will not forget to immortalize something?
    Two to three days before your wedding or christening, we arrange a “big” phone or skype call with many questions and answers explained in depth, with an ultimate goal of leaving nothing to chance!

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