Tina & Jeremy // Land of the rising sun destination wedding in Santorini // the film

Filming  :  Director Cut Cinematography


A corner of t he soul is conquered upon the mention of her majesty, Santorini, even before one sets their eyes on its spectacular icy curls. Soaring over 300 meters from the shore, with portico tops and opaline adobes down the terraced rock, the isle that rests like a giant pearl in the middle of the Aegean glowed softly for my gorgeous couple, Tina, and Jeremy.

Their destination wedding in Santorini Gem was something of a miracle to attend and to capture. Everything spelled inherent bliss, from the incredibly joyous and stylish family and friends of the couple to everyone’s endless, positive, forward-looking energy into the wedding celebration it self.

Tina was the epitome of timeless elegance in her Naomi Neoh bridal gown, and iconic Valentino rock stud pumps, evoking all the glamor and romance of vintage Hollywood. Simply irresistible!

Divine Weddings Santorini and Kristina Koslova wonderfully planned every detail for Tina and Jeremy, from A to Z. Think elegant white natural details influenced by the starch-whiteness of Santorini’s backdrop, classic cream and blue roses, and a clean sailcloth tent working in perfect harmony with the beautiful translucent drapes, adding such a soft glow to the ceremony.

I was entirely captivated by the rite of xǐ-jǐu, the tea offering ceremony which literally translates as “joyful wine”, where one family was gently welcomed and merged into the other, as the bride opening up like a flower and profuse with emotion, gracefully presented cups of tea to all parents, her spouse and their guests.

During the wedding party another surprise for the couple’s guests followed as Tina picked up the microphone and sang in a voice so amazingly heavenly everyone stood and listened with baited breath! Her equally sweet-sounding groom played the guitar and soon after, he took his turn to awe us all with a serenade to his bride and to their deliciously happy group!

As the last rays of sun faded behind the snow-drift of the Cycladian houses, the sweet orange lights popping on the isle’s windows beneath the twinkling starry skies were simply the icing on the cake!

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